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Let’s Start at the Very Beginning

19 Mar
Pottery Barn via eBa/Outlet

Pottery Barn via eBa/Outlet

Where did we start with our nursery planning? Long before we found out we were having a girl I started to focus on gender neutral themes, one shared love we have is Hot Air Balloons. I had been on several rides before  I met my husband, and he had always wanted to go, so as a gift to him on our wedding day I booked a hot air balloon ride the first morning of our honeymoon. It was a beautiful way to start our life together and on a whim I googled hot air ballon nursery themes. There were some amazing options, like the one at Posh Tots, but the price was RIDICULOUS! It was great for inspiration though.

I found these Pottery Barn crib sheets on eBay still in the wrapping for about $10 and since they were neutral I thought we could make it work. We found some more sheets and the crib skirt at the Pottery Barn Outlet in Lancaster.  We had our foundations. While searching for hot air balloons we also found the same balloon models they had on Posh Tots for MUCH cheaper on Because we’re PRIME members the shipping was free and it was all worth it. We started with one balloon and ordered the rest as the months went on and the color scheme developed and we found out what we were having. Yellow was a safe start to the collection.

After a lot of thought, Pinterest stalking and finding out that we were having a girl, I decided on Martha Stewart’s Sunken Pool as our paint color. When i went to pick it up it turns out that they don’t make her paint anymore so I had it color matched in Low VOC paint .

Sunken Pool

Sunken Pool

I decided we also needed pink curtains which I found at Bed Bath and Beyond after tons of searching. Nicole Miller designed them and my 20% off coupon brought them home with me! Now I had hot air balloons, neutral bedding, pink curtains and  blue walls, as I described the plan to my coworker she said it sounded exactly like a print of a painting she had in her home. She showed me and it was like it was meant to be! We ordered that from the first time.

The first time? Yep. I had the bright idea I was going to modge podge it to canvas. After a lot of searching I found a canvas at Hobby Lobby that was exactly the right size. Then I mangled it when i tried to modge podge the poster to it.

I read the tutorials, I planned, I took my time, and I made a wrinkly mess of it. It was beyond repair and I was devastated. I wasted a lot of money here. Really devastated. I broke the canvas in a fit and threw it in the trash. Trying to save money the second time I ordered the poster I got it from I didn’t realize this version had a yellow mat. We didn’t like that so with a big coupon and holiday special we took it to Michaels to get it framed correctly this time. We got a light frame and plexi-glass because we were planning to hang it above the crib.  Don’t get worried, we also used hearty hangers that are for earthquakes that mean this sucker is staying on the wall no matter what.

I had a long and torrid love affair with this rug from Posh Tots but couldn’t find it anywhere else or get any coupons to bring it to a reasonable price range so in the end we didn’t go with it. I think what we ended up with was better in the end, but for now, you too can love this rug.

So that’s a basic idea of the foundations of our nursery. Stay tuned for more soon!


It’s getting real!

15 Feb

We’re under 4 weeks till D-Day now. It’s getting very real that baby girl will be here soon! Here’s a sneak peek of the Nursery. I want to shoot more photos in good daylight and then i’ll do details on everything. Enjoy!

Nursery Sneak Peek

Nursery Sneak Peek

Challenge Complete

29 Jan

No I didn’t buy these post caps at the thrift store, but they’re key to my projectDSC_0002

Emma decided she also liked one of my finds, and she photo bombed me. I love this photo and really wish I had taken the tag off before this happened.

Photo bomb

How could I say no to this face? He was priced a little steep for the circumstances at just under $5 but it was love at first sight. As you can see above we have a few giraffe’s in baby girl’s room. This guy is a great addition to the family. Hi there little guy

I passed on the sassy cow and Ted the deranged bear, but this little monkey was so hideous that he sort of deserved a makeover. His little tongue sitcking out was sort of charming as well.


I’d like to give a big thanks to poor little Larry in 2006 who really bombed his plaster painting I picked this guy up for cheap and gave him a new life. Also Larry, I’m really sorry that whoever you gave this to thought so little of it they gave it to the thrift store. I hope you don’t have a complex now!

Thanks 2006

I gathered my ceramic animals, my post caps and my gorilla glue and ala Katie Bower I started to whip up some bookends. Let me briefly revisit the last time I used gorilla glue: Circa 2003 I glued my coffee table to my apartment rug because I didn’t read directions. I’ve learned since then, right?

This stuff is no joke

First I removed the felt thingeys on the bottom of the Giraffe (and the hair that didn’t belong to me).

peel off the felt

And read the directions.

Or not.

I totally didn’t.

YOU should read the directions. It prevents you from doing stupid stuff like me.

Here, here’s the directions.

You learn.

I didn’t.


follow directions

So I set them up to dry…. aren’t they quite a strange pair?

Hurry up and wait

Now if you followed directions you don’t have to do this step. If you’re like me, you get to scrape the excess glue off the giraffe’s butt and sand the bottom trying to keep your project from looking like a hot mess.

glue ooze

Once cleanup has been completed and you find the spray paint you want (I chose a champagne color and my trusty husband did the spray painting so that my baby still has a chance at being a child genius). A few even coats and Ta-Da!


We have bookends. The base and the color help unify two strange animals who each tug at my heartstrings.


Look at that face… I think I love it so much because it looks like Sam our golden retriever.


I think he’s where he was meant to be.DSC_0029

Even the sad little monkey has never seen a better day!


Young House Love Thrift Store challenge complete, homage to Katie Bower also paid by redoing her bookend idea in my own style. Now baby girl has some bookends unlike anything anyone else has, for better or for worse!

To see more people take on the challenge head on over to Young House Love .

To see what fun I had finding these critters and why I took on this project look here.

Mediterranean Bliss

15 Jul

I’ve been back from vacation for almost two months and shamefully I haven’t finished my photo album or touched my knitting project. I’m close with the album. I had no idea how long it would take to edit and organize close to 2000 photos! It’s been brutally hot since we returned and we don’t have central air, just two window units that struggle to keep up with the heatwave. It’s finally letting up and today I was inspired to take the May shipment of yarn and get it wound into a ball and start thinking of patterns for it. I’m not too fond of the patterns sent. One is a pair of socks, i’m not that excited to do socks again, the other is a shawl that is a little beyond my age group. I love this yarn, it reminds me of our trip, the blues and greens and white of the sea. I want to find the right pattern for it.



Not as true to color, but true to life is the lurkers in the background.



23 Jun

There was lots of amazing food on the trip. I even had my first experience with escargot, but Venice had the most amazing food by far. Here are a few food moments as captured by my iPhone.

Marzipan fruit in Venice


The best lasagna in the world at Do Forni in Venice.


Amazing Bellini at Do Forni


Pasta with Zucchini, Baby Shrimps and Curry Sauce at Al Colombo Osteria Enoteca in Venice.


Baklava in Mykonos


Once in a Lifetime

3 Jun

I’ve been away. Far, far away, in the Mediterranean on a once in a lifetime journey. I took the camera and I took some knitting so prepare for some over sharing. For now I’ll start with a mobile phone photo while I am still getting through all the 2000 photos from the trip.