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Amazing Santorini

8 Jul


That was the sunrise are we arrived in Santorini, amazing and peaceful and for sure our favorite stop on the trip. The unfortunate part was that we were so busy enjoying the sights we didn’t take a ton of great photos.

We started out the day getting off the cruise ship and onto a sailboat and heading to an active volcano. ImageImage

We had a good two hour hike around the volcano, we must have traveled about two miles up and two back. It was amazing, beautiful exhausting and educational.


Above you can see the three different eruptions that make up the volcanic island. Each has a different quality. They are waiting for it to erupt any day now again. It was changing dramatically each day they said.


After the hike we traveled over to the hot sulfur springs and could go swimming in them off the boat. We didn’t want to spend the rest of the day in wet swimsuits so we didn’t go but it was very interesting. The island is totally uninhabited except for this one man and his goat. That’s his boat pictured and his home in the far back.


Then we were off to a winery on the main island. The wine wasn’t very good, but it was a good experience. ImageImage

Then we headed into town and got mesmerized and put our camera away for the day. Its a shame because it was our favorite- but we just really immersed ourselves in the experience. At the end of the day we waited in line for about 40 minutes to get to the cable cars that go down the mountain back to the boat.


This is definitely on the list of places I would go back to and stay a whole week.


Rinse and Repeat

17 Jun

We started in Turkey and went to Greece, and then went back to Turkey, and back to Greece! This time it was Kusadasi/Ephesus and Mykonos.

This was one of the most anticipated parts of the trip for me. I was excited for Ephesus and have been dreaming of Santorini for a few years. Both scenic in very different ways.

We sat in port and drank our coffee on the balcony. The port was beautiful and that was just the start. We traveled by bus up to Ephesus, passing the ancient ruins with the destination of the House of the Virgin Mary.

The story is that when Jesus said to John, Son this is your Mother, Mother this is your Son, John took Mary home to Turkey with him after the crucifixion where she lived out her remaining days.


John would Baptize new Christians in this cistern before they went up the street to meet Mary.



A tiny L-shaped house. It has been commercialized and is horribly tacky inside  because of all of the icons and shrines etc. Its beauty still shows and you feel its a special place, but I sure wish the historical integrity had been maintained rather than capitalized on.

There are springs and a prayer wall as well. 


Coming back down the hill we got some good photos from inside the bus, the valley was once the sea, and is very fertile and beautiful.


There is so much  more to share but its nearly impossible to get everything in! We’ll move on to Santorini now. There we took a sailboat and hiked the active volcano (no lava flow). Its expected to erupt any day! We ended with a tour through Santorini and cable cars down to the boat!


Here you can see the three different eruptions of the volcano each has a different quality. We climbed to the top of the volcano and the views were amazing. 

That’s pumice stone above!

Unfortunately at this point we took our last photos and just enjoyed the day!

Where Shall I Start?

10 Jun

I spent a wonderful 15 days in Europe, crusing from Turkey to Venice – the trip of a lifetime! The dogs also had the trip of a lifetime. Sam back to his Auntie who helped find him a home with us, and the bad brown dog spent her time terrorizing a friend’s children and eating their comforter. We had quite the email conversations about the many foods she stole and how she woke their elementary school age children in the morning by jumping in their beds. All three animals – the cat and the two dogs were well taken care of while we headed out on our journey, which begins – in Istanbul Turkey.




After nearly 18 hours of travel and going 8 hours back in time, we were so confused and exhausted we didn’t get to do much in Istanbul other than get to the ship. It was a beautiful city that I wish we had more time in.


The first stop was Mykonos, Greece. They only get about 5 days of rain the entire year, and we were there for one of them, but we didn’t let that stop us.

I wish we had more time and better weather, but what a memorable day!

I may have tweaked the brightness to help this look better… but in spite of the grey day and the rain it was amazing.



They call that little area “Little Venice” and we didn’t fully understand why until the end of the trip. We had some Ouzo and Baklava in a little bar in one of those deep blue balconies. Such a beautiful way to ease into this trip.


We took over 1900 photos and I’ve just finished editing them with the basics. Any suggestions of how to edit things you see here are welcome, I did what I could but would love to take them to the next level.

So that’s 2 days down and 13 left to go. More to come!

Once in a Lifetime

3 Jun

I’ve been away. Far, far away, in the Mediterranean on a once in a lifetime journey. I took the camera and I took some knitting so prepare for some over sharing. For now I’ll start with a mobile phone photo while I am still getting through all the 2000 photos from the trip.


My Bleeding Heart

29 Apr

The yard is blooming and changing every day. When we first bought this house we had two sad shrubs in the yard and a rose-bush that didn’t bloom. Other than that the yard was barren.

After being cash strapped from buying a house, we wound up getting lots of plants from the yards of friends and family. One of these is the Bleeding Heart that we took from my Mother in Law’s yard. I always thought Fuchsia’s were bleeding hearts, but I have learned so much about plants in the past few years. This is one of my favorites each spring and it started as one small plant – and four years later this baby is in 3 places throughout the yard. 

The Scotch Broom is also blooming. We purchased this and several other Perennials last fall when Lowe’s was selling plants half price. It got bent when we had that snow in October but we recently straightened it out and now it’s giving us quite a show of thanks.

I played with some settings on the camera and I don’t know what I did but I hate what its doing right now. I really need to get educated. Here is the Scotch Broom with some Columbine.

I love spring, I’m so glad I’m documenting what is going on in our little corner of the world. The first Peony bloom is finished, and the second will go any day now, but the photos will stay for a long time.



New York, New York

29 Apr

This weekend was the hubby’s birthday and we took a trip Saturday into my friend’s bakery in NYC. On the way back we got stuck in traffic, so I broke out the camera and took some pictures…

Forever and Always

9 Apr

This weekend I took some photos for my best friend and her fiancée for use as engagement photos and save the date cards. I don’t want to share anything without her approval that identifies her, but for sure, I can say I’m proud of this one! I loved the photo shoot, the editing and wish I had photo shop to further work on some glares in a few of the photos but I’m happy with what we got! I hope she is!