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Up For The Challenge

28 Jan

I’m a huge fan of some other blogs, namely Bower Power and Young House Love. In my head we are friends, in reality I just read their blogs and aspire to be like them. So when Young House Love put out a challenge, and I had time to accept, I jumped at the chance.

The challenge: Go to a Thrift Store with $20 and find some goodies. Also take some photos of items that relate to the Mackelmore and Ryan Lewis song called Thrift Shop.

I’ll be honest, I don’t have a soft spot for white rappers like Sherry does, I’m more of a Celine Dion kinda girl, but I turned up the song and bopped my head along with it on my way to the local thrift store of choice – UNIQUE.


I’ve purchased a few special buys here in the past  and we picked up some supplies for a show my husband did but otherwise I haven’t had a ton of luck  but  I like to dream big.


One of the first things I found that had potential was this tower of drawers. Imagine it painted with the knobs switched out. It could be really cute, and at $9.99 it was a steal. When I revisited it later it was apparent someone else thought the same because they had snatched it.

This dirty little exersaucer  has so much potential. I just got a Jeep that looks sort of like that (not quite that color though) and had visions of baby girl going around the house in this to be like her momma, but just couldn’t bring myself to touch it.

Nice Ride

The song references big a$$ coats. I had trouble referencing the song. Here’s my contribution, a row of big a$$ coats. Sorry John and Sherry, I’m not that witty when on my own. Perhaps I need a sidekick.

Big A$$ coats

Then we move on to Ceramic Animals. There must be something here, right? Well lets just look around. We have the ceramic version of TED:

Ugly Teddy

A sassy little cow:

Sassy Cow

Nope not taking either of those home. How about another aisle?

Where do you put this?

I’m not sure where exactly you display that pillow or for what circumstance you would purchase it but hey, someone loved it.

I never really wandered down the children’s aisle before. But now that I have a reason coming in just 6 weeks I thought I’d take a gander. I now know where to get naked Barbies and can sleep well at night.

No Words

Whenever I’m in here I get the sneaking suspicion that I’m missing something good in these bags. I just can’t bring myself to sort through them though. One day I will evaluate the bags.


Finally, I missed this trunk on my first pass through furniture land. It was pretty awesome. A coat of paint and a refresh on the hardware could take it to the next level. It was more than I’m looking to get into being 8.5 mos. preggo, so I passed on that as well.

Trunk With Potential

So what did I get on my trip? All $7.88 of my find? Stay tuned to find out.




To see more people take on the challenge head on over to Young House Love .

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High End, Low Price

9 Dec

I’ve been away for a bit because we’ve had a big project in the works… A baby girl due in early March.

Lots to blog about but I’ll start with a quick and easy project about the nursery decor.

We saw these great dresses made of maps in the Restoration Hardware Catalog. Price: $599


Awesome, but way too rich for my blood! So I bought this Paris map wrapping paper for under $7.


And I made this:


Next is to frame it or put it in a shadow box but I’m sure I can get that look for nowhere NEAR the price!

Freshening Up

16 Apr

We bought our house in January 2008 and shortly thereafter we installed the shelves from the kitchen in our apartment along the wall in the center of the new houses living room. I did a rushed job of painting them and could see the paint drips every trip I took up the stairs for the past 4 years. We also put them too high (because we are both tall and can’t help it) but we didn’t want to put more holes in the wall and had so much to accomplish in the house that we left it as it was, until now.


Fast forward four years, and leave me home alone for a few days while the hubby goes on a business trip and I finally get to tackle some Pinterest inspiration. I pulled a few frames from around the house, some items we already had, and purchased a few frames from TJ Maxx and Target. I printed some photos, framed an item from the house’s past, typed up the words to Our Song and we have quite a transformation, or at least a little one.


The vase is from Crate & Barrel and the Bleeding Heart  was clipped from the yard. Please excuse the wrinkle in the rug. The dogs were standing there wondering what was worthy of the Camera other than them.ImageI’m quite pleased with it if  I do say so myself. The husband thinks its random stuff but I love each item, and plan to replace the random items with pictures of our upcoming vacation.

Something Old

12 Apr

When doing some work around our 1926 Colonial we found a cancelled check for $30 from one of the previous owners (who died here but that’s another story) written in 1981 to the local school board. That was pretty cool. What was even more cool was this “How to use a Pay Phone” card which is much older. My favorite one is that you can “Deposit Dime or Two Nickels”. What a high tech machine that must have been!


But what is even sweeter is what is written on the back of this card. Janet and Scott’s unrequited love, and from what I can guess, they were either the houses first owners or maybe the daughter of the houses first owner. I can’t help but wonder if Janet never got this because it was in the floor boards, or if she was hiding it from her parents or husband and that’s where it went, or if Janet threw it out because Scott can’t write.


It says:


I would like to take you out to a movie or Etc. soon. I think we will always have some thing in our minds about each other. 

I did tell you about this card and hear (sic) it is. Have to take a ride hope to see you soon. 

Love always, 


Why Bad Brown Dog?

20 Mar

Why not? We have two dogs, one Chocolate Lab, one Golden Retriever and a little tiny black cat. The cat is rarely heard from except in the middle of the night as she walks across your face, the Golden is our angel boy who joined us just a year ago although he is 7. Among his nicknames is “My Buddy” which leaves us with the Chocolate Lab, who is known as “Kid Sister”. She is a 4 year old with attitude. Stubborn and mischievous she reminds us not to take life so seriously when she steals the dish towel and runs in circles around the dining room. She jumps up on the couch she is not supposed to be on and immediately puts her face in your lap to try to convince you to let her stay. She steals whatever toy or treat the Golden has, even if she has the same exact one, and she hops up on your lap and licks your face when you cry. Yeah, she’s bad and the stories are many, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.