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My Bleeding Heart

29 Apr

The yard is blooming and changing every day. When we first bought this house we had two sad shrubs in the yard and a rose-bush that didn’t bloom. Other than that the yard was barren.

After being cash strapped from buying a house, we wound up getting lots of plants from the yards of friends and family. One of these is the Bleeding Heart that we took from my Mother in Law’s yard. I always thought Fuchsia’s were bleeding hearts, but I have learned so much about plants in the past few years. This is one of my favorites each spring and it started as one small plant – and four years later this baby is in 3 places throughout the yard. 

The Scotch Broom is also blooming. We purchased this and several other Perennials last fall when Lowe’s was selling plants half price. It got bent when we had that snow in October but we recently straightened it out and now it’s giving us quite a show of thanks.

I played with some settings on the camera and I don’t know what I did but I hate what its doing right now. I really need to get educated. Here is the Scotch Broom with some Columbine.

I love spring, I’m so glad I’m documenting what is going on in our little corner of the world. The first Peony bloom is finished, and the second will go any day now, but the photos will stay for a long time.




Mellow Yellow

18 Apr

Have I mentioned I’m obsessed with this yellow Peony? I’m a weirdo and i’m ok with that. Anything that makes me this happy this easily is just amazing. I came home today so excited to take photos of the Peony. I stuck my nose in and inhaled deeply like I was taking a breathing treatment or something. I don’t know what it is, but its better than a million things other people snort so whatever, leave me and my weird peony obsession alone.

And incase you haven’t developed an obsession with it yet, here are some pictures to entice you.

You Can Smell It

17 Apr

Quick iPhone pictures… Better photos to come!



Something is coming…

16 Apr

It is ridiculously hot here today! When I got in my car to leave work the temp on the car was 93. Gross. I’m not a fan of Summer. I AM a fan of what this warmth did to the precious peony! I see YELLOW! We’re getting close to bloom time! I was so afraid I’d miss the bloom while on vacation and all of this waiting and all of this photo documentation would have been in vain!  Nope,  we’re on bloom watch around here!

There is a smudge peeking out there! I swore I smelled its deliciousness when taking these photos but I am pretty sure that was just a hallucination. The second bloom is looking good but I don’t see a third yet. Keep cheering for #3!

There’s the little second bloom! This plant has really gotten quite substantially large. I don’t know how many more years we can keep it in this planter. It will need to go in the ground soon! I’m so non-committal about where it should go, and I don’t want to transplant it if we are thinking of moving in the future! For now, it greets me when I come home every day. I may or may not talk to it. That’s between me and the plant, and the neighbors annoying yippy dog. Who I can still hear, and is why I’m writing this post from inside the house on this warm night and not from the Hammock. I must remember to call the police before opening a beer next time.

Next time is like… tomorrow, because this goes on every night.

Twice Blessed

4 Apr

It has been two weeks since I first began to document the growth of the Peony. I guess I should do some research into what the actual flower name is for future posts, but I’m so absorbed in this beautiful process of growth.  It is amazing to watch it grow from a dead stick into this odd pink thing, and then this large beautiful plant with a blossom coming on. The leaves have fully unfolded and are so beautiful.

 The plant has grown from a tiny stick that looked dead, to a beautiful strong bush.
The blossom is beautiful and full and the centerpiece of the plant. 
Today my husband pointed out another surprise to me, a second bloom hiding in the foliage. It is on a separate stem than the first one. I wonder if they only get one bloom per stem. Keep in mind, while this is the third year I have this plant, the first year it was one bloom on a very tiny plant. The second year it was dormant and only leaves.
I am really hoping to not only have two blessed blooms, but three. There are three branches  off of the main plant, so I am keeping a close eye on the center of this part of the plant now.
Sometimes, okay often, we forget to be thankful for the many blessings in our lives. This plant is one of  mine. It reminds me of the beauty of each day, the amazing science behind creation, and the God behind all of this. That might be a little deep for photos of a flower, but this is a special flower indeed.

Hot and Cold

29 Mar

We went through quite a change in weather here this week, from 60’s and 70’s to now 30’s and 40’s. We fortunately have the yellow Peony in a container and brought it inside when we had a frost advisory. All of this warmth seems to have done wonders for the little guy though, in just a few days it has transformed into quite a large plant. Image

In other exciting news I got notification that my next shipment of yarn has hit the road! I guess I better finish up January’s package though!

I want this blog to be about everything, and I need to get taking more pictures in order to do that! I want to share our house, the improvements we’ve made and still have to make, the whole yard and all the Peonies and plants, the knitting and of course the dogs, but this week has been one of those crazy ones so far! What do you want to know about? What interests you? Is anyone reading? Bueller…. Bueller…


Yellow Diamonds

22 Mar

I love Yellow, and Peonies, so naturally a yellow peony would be my favorite flower, right? Who knew that yellow Peonies would be as hard as diamonds to find? Certainly not me! Thankfully my mother-in-law was determined to find me a yellow peony plant, and this is its third year. Year 1 it had one beautiful flower, year two as is typical after being transplanted, it had none. I am so excited for year three that I am exercising my new camera and trying to capture its growth and  blossoming as best as possible. I’ll be taking pictures as often as possible.

The growth alone is a beauty. It starts out pink and green and brown and red and turns into this normal green leafed flower. This particular peony is a “tree peony” which means there is one very fragile stalk that everything comes off of.

I can’t wait to share this process and watch it grow and blossom. It looks to this novice that we have a blossom hopeful I can’t wait for this story to unfold.  Here is two days after the first photo, you can see it starting to unfurl its leaves a bit more, and the other branch starting to fold out. Please excuse me as I learn to be a better photographer.