Challenge Complete

29 Jan

No I didn’t buy these post caps at the thrift store, but they’re key to my projectDSC_0002

Emma decided she also liked one of my finds, and she photo bombed me. I love this photo and really wish I had taken the tag off before this happened.

Photo bomb

How could I say no to this face? He was priced a little steep for the circumstances at just under $5 but it was love at first sight. As you can see above we have a few giraffe’s in baby girl’s room. This guy is a great addition to the family. Hi there little guy

I passed on the sassy cow and Ted the deranged bear, but this little monkey was so hideous that he sort of deserved a makeover. His little tongue sitcking out was sort of charming as well.


I’d like to give a big thanks to poor little Larry in 2006 who really bombed his plaster painting I picked this guy up for cheap and gave him a new life. Also Larry, I’m really sorry that whoever you gave this to thought so little of it they gave it to the thrift store. I hope you don’t have a complex now!

Thanks 2006

I gathered my ceramic animals, my post caps and my gorilla glue and ala Katie Bower I started to whip up some bookends. Let me briefly revisit the last time I used gorilla glue: Circa 2003 I glued my coffee table to my apartment rug because I didn’t read directions. I’ve learned since then, right?

This stuff is no joke

First I removed the felt thingeys on the bottom of the Giraffe (and the hair that didn’t belong to me).

peel off the felt

And read the directions.

Or not.

I totally didn’t.

YOU should read the directions. It prevents you from doing stupid stuff like me.

Here, here’s the directions.

You learn.

I didn’t.


follow directions

So I set them up to dry…. aren’t they quite a strange pair?

Hurry up and wait

Now if you followed directions you don’t have to do this step. If you’re like me, you get to scrape the excess glue off the giraffe’s butt and sand the bottom trying to keep your project from looking like a hot mess.

glue ooze

Once cleanup has been completed and you find the spray paint you want (I chose a champagne color and my trusty husband did the spray painting so that my baby still has a chance at being a child genius). A few even coats and Ta-Da!


We have bookends. The base and the color help unify two strange animals who each tug at my heartstrings.


Look at that face… I think I love it so much because it looks like Sam our golden retriever.


I think he’s where he was meant to be.DSC_0029

Even the sad little monkey has never seen a better day!


Young House Love Thrift Store challenge complete, homage to Katie Bower also paid by redoing her bookend idea in my own style. Now baby girl has some bookends unlike anything anyone else has, for better or for worse!

To see more people take on the challenge head on over to Young House Love .

To see what fun I had finding these critters and why I took on this project look here.


2 Responses to “Challenge Complete”

  1. dearwatsonblog February 4, 2013 at 10:57 pm #

    those little faces would tug at my heatstrings too! great project.


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    […] To see what fun I brought home and what I did with the project look here. […]

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