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28 Jul

The Budding Twig socks from March are finally done! Ok, so I still need to block them, but I finished! My first socks ever! I am so proud of them and actually don’t hate socks for once. I MIGHT be convinced to make another pair someday!



Mediterranean Bliss

15 Jul

I’ve been back from vacation for almost two months and shamefully I haven’t finished my photo album or touched my knitting project. I’m close with the album. I had no idea how long it would take to edit and organize close to 2000 photos! It’s been brutally hot since we returned and we don’t have central air, just two window units that struggle to keep up with the heatwave. It’s finally letting up and today I was inspired to take the May shipment of yarn and get it wound into a ball and start thinking of patterns for it. I’m not too fond of the patterns sent. One is a pair of socks, i’m not that excited to do socks again, the other is a shawl that is a little beyond my age group. I love this yarn, it reminds me of our trip, the blues and greens and white of the sea. I want to find the right pattern for it.



Not as true to color, but true to life is the lurkers in the background.


Bad News Brown

8 Jul

After two hours of whining in the car we finally made it to Lancaster this past weekend. Shiloh was a terror the entire car ride there.


While there she massacred a toy that didn’t belong to her and then promptly passed out


After returning home today they both were exhausted and passed out together. Not before another agonizing ride home in the car. She amazes me with her ability to be simultaneously the best and worst dog in the world.

Amazing Santorini

8 Jul


That was the sunrise are we arrived in Santorini, amazing and peaceful and for sure our favorite stop on the trip. The unfortunate part was that we were so busy enjoying the sights we didn’t take a ton of great photos.

We started out the day getting off the cruise ship and onto a sailboat and heading to an active volcano. ImageImage

We had a good two hour hike around the volcano, we must have traveled about two miles up and two back. It was amazing, beautiful exhausting and educational.


Above you can see the three different eruptions that make up the volcanic island. Each has a different quality. They are waiting for it to erupt any day now again. It was changing dramatically each day they said.


After the hike we traveled over to the hot sulfur springs and could go swimming in them off the boat. We didn’t want to spend the rest of the day in wet swimsuits so we didn’t go but it was very interesting. The island is totally uninhabited except for this one man and his goat. That’s his boat pictured and his home in the far back.


Then we were off to a winery on the main island. The wine wasn’t very good, but it was a good experience. ImageImage

Then we headed into town and got mesmerized and put our camera away for the day. Its a shame because it was our favorite- but we just really immersed ourselves in the experience. At the end of the day we waited in line for about 40 minutes to get to the cable cars that go down the mountain back to the boat.


This is definitely on the list of places I would go back to and stay a whole week.