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Bad Mommy

30 Mar

I have a confession to make.

My dog is bald and I am to blame. Look at the bald patch on her back!


I don’t believe in using chemicals if you don’t have to, so we try to give the dogs healthy and natural food, and avoid chemicals if possible. WIth flea and tick season fast approaching I picked up our normal flea and tick protector – Natural Defense by Sentry.  This is made of essential oils and smells like a Chai Latte. Usually Shiloh gets a little flaky from it but for some reason, her hair fell out where I put it this year! She got wicked flaky and then her hair fell out! I feel so terrible! I guess some irritation is better than what the real chemicals might actually do but I do feel horrible! I don’t know what to do for flea and tick prevention next time!  Sam is doing just fine though.


I spent some time taking pictures tonight and some I am very pleased with, while others show off the bad brown dog attitude. Obviously in the photo below, she was annoyed that the treats were done for the night.

Shiloh and the Peony…


This one is potentially heading for a place in the header of the blog.


It is so hard to capture their eyes properly! I’m open to any tips about how to photograph these wild beasts. I have a few settings I tried on the camera that helped a little but its not perfected by any means.


Then we went inside and tried using treats to pose.


And we had an awkward moment when the treat was released…




Hot and Cold

29 Mar

We went through quite a change in weather here this week, from 60’s and 70’s to now 30’s and 40’s. We fortunately have the yellow Peony in a container and brought it inside when we had a frost advisory. All of this warmth seems to have done wonders for the little guy though, in just a few days it has transformed into quite a large plant. Image

In other exciting news I got notification that my next shipment of yarn has hit the road! I guess I better finish up January’s package though!

I want this blog to be about everything, and I need to get taking more pictures in order to do that! I want to share our house, the improvements we’ve made and still have to make, the whole yard and all the Peonies and plants, the knitting and of course the dogs, but this week has been one of those crazy ones so far! What do you want to know about? What interests you? Is anyone reading? Bueller…. Bueller…


All the Little Things

25 Mar

You may have noticed in my last post that my orange stitch markers are like big traffic cones in the middle of that beautiful purple yarn. I’ve noticed it a lot. I had a pair of great stitch markers and I can’t find them anywhere, so I stopped at A.C. Moore and got some Swarovski elements to try to use. I need to go back and get some larger loops to help them swing more freely, but just looking at them makes me so happy. 

I am eagerly awaiting my new shipment which should arrive this week, but that also makes me feel rushed to  finish this project up. I am so thrilled to be back to knitting! 


The Knitting Factory

22 Mar

A few years ago I taught myself to knit. I was an addict, I had a blog, I read blogs about knitting, I was one of the early people on Ravelry, I knit nearly every day. Then I had an unfortunate run in with a pair of stairs, tore my shoulder, got a stressful promotion, and a bad brown dog who demanded all of my attention. Knitting didn’t have much of a place in my life but I longed to get back into it.

This year for Christmas my husband got me a membership to a knitting club. Every other month I will get a new yarn and pattern to knit alongside the rest of the world. I’m so thrilled to start this back up, and to have a place to document that again. Right now I’m trying to wrap the rest of this up and can’t wait to provide the pictures of the finished object, but here’s an in progress photo.

Yellow Diamonds

22 Mar

I love Yellow, and Peonies, so naturally a yellow peony would be my favorite flower, right? Who knew that yellow Peonies would be as hard as diamonds to find? Certainly not me! Thankfully my mother-in-law was determined to find me a yellow peony plant, and this is its third year. Year 1 it had one beautiful flower, year two as is typical after being transplanted, it had none. I am so excited for year three that I am exercising my new camera and trying to capture its growth and  blossoming as best as possible. I’ll be taking pictures as often as possible.

The growth alone is a beauty. It starts out pink and green and brown and red and turns into this normal green leafed flower. This particular peony is a “tree peony” which means there is one very fragile stalk that everything comes off of.

I can’t wait to share this process and watch it grow and blossom. It looks to this novice that we have a blossom hopeful I can’t wait for this story to unfold.  Here is two days after the first photo, you can see it starting to unfurl its leaves a bit more, and the other branch starting to fold out. Please excuse me as I learn to be a better photographer.

Why Bad Brown Dog?

20 Mar

Why not? We have two dogs, one Chocolate Lab, one Golden Retriever and a little tiny black cat. The cat is rarely heard from except in the middle of the night as she walks across your face, the Golden is our angel boy who joined us just a year ago although he is 7. Among his nicknames is “My Buddy” which leaves us with the Chocolate Lab, who is known as “Kid Sister”. She is a 4 year old with attitude. Stubborn and mischievous she reminds us not to take life so seriously when she steals the dish towel and runs in circles around the dining room. She jumps up on the couch she is not supposed to be on and immediately puts her face in your lap to try to convince you to let her stay. She steals whatever toy or treat the Golden has, even if she has the same exact one, and she hops up on your lap and licks your face when you cry. Yeah, she’s bad and the stories are many, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.